Seamless Gutters near Sun Prairie Wisconsin

//Seamless Gutters near Sun Prairie Wisconsin

Seamless Gutters near Sun Prairie Wisconsin

The gutters on this hotel had been damaged by a hail storm.  You could see the dents on the 4 story gutters when standing on the ground-so it was some BIG hail.  We removed all of the gutters and downspouts and installed new gutters and downspouts on this commercial property near Sun Prairie Wisconsin.  The gutters were six inch commercial aluminum and the downspouts were 3×4 commercial aluminum with square steel downspouts on the bottom.  We did not replace the steel section of downspout but reattached the new downs into the steel open face downspouts.

We used a lift to do this installation.  One man was on the ground making the gutter and the other man was in the lift basket removing the old gutters and then taking the new gutters up.  On some of the longer sections we would have two guys in the basket to steady the piece and help to tack it into place on the fascia.

gutters sun prairie wisconsinI

The downspouts were up to 40 feet.  They attached into stucco so we had to used special screws that go through the stucco and then spread open and hold on the other side of the foam that is behind the stucco.  When we came down the wall then we installed a ledgejumper and went down the block.  For the block we used concrete anchors to attach the downspouts.

seamless gutters near Sun Prairie Wisconsin

On the lower gutters we custom cut the corners since they were not at an angle that matches the premanufactured mitres.  We then sealed each joint or mitre with a special sealer made for aluminum.  It looked sharp when we were done.  We also installed some splash guards on the gutters to keep water from the upper downspout from shooting over the lower gutter.  Most of this work was done with step ladders so that we didn’t walk on the stell roof.  Though we could use boots that are made for roofs to walk on the steel without marking it up.

Rain gutters north side madison wisconsin

This pictures shows a tight set of mitres.  There is an outside mitre with an inside mitres very close.  Then there is a splash guard on top of the gutter and a downspout in the mitre.  All very tight and challenging to work with.

Sun Prairie gutters with large courtyard

This courtyard was a challenge.  It is not easy to get a boom lift up an over a courtyard and then up four stories and install the seamless gutters.


Gutters over the carport with a steel roof.  To make this job even more interesting(difficult) the wind was blowing very hard-that made it hard to handle the long runs of gutters at 40 feet in the air.  We did some sections on the less windy side of the building and then returned to the windy side as we could.  The lifts travel slowly and we needed to navigate around cars and people walking.

It was a great experience as far as learning even more about our trade(craftsmanship) and the gutters and downspouts look great.

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