What are the best gutter guards for pine needles?

If you don’t want to ready an entire blog post to get the answer, I will give it to you right now.  Stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards are the best gutter guards for pine trees.  Now let’s look at why that is.

Gutter Guards Pine Needles

Gutter Guards by Capital Seamless Gutters Customer Job Photo

Micro mesh gutter guards keep 100% of all pine needles out of you gutters.  The holes are too small for the pine needles to make it through.  These gutters do allow all of the water to get in.

I have been installing gutter guards in Madison Wisconsin and Milwaukee Wisconsin for 25 Years.  I have tried every kind of guard and these work the best.

Regular screens have larger holes and the needles go right through and into the gutter.  Often these will accumulate at the downspout opening in the gutter and then you have a clog.  This is often worse than not having gutters.  Now all of the water comes over in one spot-right where the clog is.

Foam inserts keep all of the pine needles sitting in the gutter on top of the foam.  The needles get stuck in the foam along with shingle grit and decomposing organic materials and the foam clogs.

Reverse curve gutter guards have an opening in the front and the pine needles get into the gutter there or clog that opening in which case the water just shoots over the guards.

Stainless steel micromesh gutter covers will keep all pine needles out of the gutter.  We recommend choosing one that has a thick frame so it will last for decades.  If you have a lot of trees you may have moss on your roof.  We recommend getting this cleared off the roof and then adding some moss protect to your guards.

Gutter guard pine trees

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