Here is a job we did in Verona Wisconsin.  We cleaned all the debris out of the gutters – it can be a lot when you get all the shingle grit that has gotten into the the gutter and turned to sludge-as it mixes with decomposing tree debris.  We bagged the debris and hauled it away. Some contractors just drop it into the bushes below.  This house had recently had a reroof so there was leftover nails and roofing debris in the gutters too.  We also checked to make sure the downspouts were not clogged but were free flowing.

Gutter Screens Madison WI

Then we installed the Ultra flow gutter screen.  It comes in 4 foot sections that overlap one another.  We installed it underneath the shingles and then put 3 screws into the front edge of each piece, securing it to the gutter.  One in place, it is ridgid and not going to go anywhere-even in high winds or with ice on the roof.  We guarantee that for 20 years.  I’ve never had a call back for those issues – in fact call backs for gutterscreen are almost nonexistent.  

Gutter screen Verona Wisconsin

Above is a close up look at the installation from the roof.  You can’t really see the screen from the ground, in most cases, so this shows it installed on the gutter.  The screen has openings about 1/8″.  This keeps the majority of debris out.  It is not recommended for pine needles or really small debris, but will keep larger debris out very effectively.

Madison Gutterscreen

Here you can see the end cap.  We do a custom end and wrap the screen down into the gutter.  This prevents debris from coming in the side door and also keeps birds and squirrels out of the gutters.  We wrap it inside the gutter for the cleanest, finished look.

Update.  It is 5 years later and no calls.

Gutter Guards Madison, WI