Install gutters angled fascia

How to install gutters on angled fascia.  Some homes have an angled fascia such as Victorian style homes which have decorative crown moulding.  Other homes had the fascia attached to rafter tails at the pitch of the roof-the builders did not cut the ends of the rafters.

There are 2 basic ways to approach this situation.  Let’s look at them both.


Install wedges behind the the gutters

Metal Wedge for Gutter Installation on angled fascia

Install wedges behind the the gutters.  These wedges can be made of wood and screwed to the angled or canted fascia board before installing the gutters.  They can be painted the same color as the fascia wood.  Then the gutters are installed with the internal hangers(called an omni) spaced to match the wood wedges.  This is usually expensive if you are hiring the work out and would typically require a carpenter or skilled handyman.  The much more common approach is to use metal wedges that attach to the back of the gutter before it is installed.  These can be a T wedge which is cut to the right depth to match the fascia board so that the gutter sits vertical and does not angle forward or backward.  If the gutter angles forward or backward it will not hold as much water before spilling over.  As the gutter pitches toward the downspout it will sometimes need more depth on the wedges because the gap between the gutter and the fascia board has increased.  The installs can be very technical and time consuming.  Because of the extra labor the cost will usually be more than a standard vertical fascia install.  The metal wedges can be painted to the color of the gutter.

Roof Straps

Install roof strap hangers in the gutters and then attach the gutters to the roof and not to the fascia board.  This is often done when the fascia angle is too much to properly attach a wedge to or if the house has crown moulding or stepped fascia board and there isn’t a good way to use a wedge.  These roof straps are usually attached to the top of the shingle.  The straps can be painted a color that is close to the shingle color so that they are less obvious when you look at the house from the ground.  If the shingles allow it the straps and screws can be installed under the shingles. 

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