These gutters had gutter guards but they didn’t keep everything out.  The homeowner requested an estimate for gutter guards that would replace his solid cover gutter covers.  Solid covers don’t do a good job of keeping Pine Needles out.  Here you can see that the gutter covers had gotten clogged with debris at the opening into the gutter.  As the water tried to flow into the gutter, it hit the debris and flowed down the front of the gutter.  This made a mess of the front of the gutter.

Leaf Guard Madison WI

You can see that the debris has collected along the front edge of the gutter cover.

Madison Leafguard

Leafguard Madison

The back gutter was full too.


The Hornets had made nests in the gutters.  That is one of the problems with the hooded gutter cover systems.  They make a very nice home for Hornets and Bees.

Bees in Leafguard

The downspouts were connected to drain tiles.  The drains were completely clogged.  The pine needles and leaves and other debris had made a complete barrier.  The water backed up and ran out the joints of the downspouts.

Clogged Drain

The debris had started to decompose and created a thick sludge.  This is great for a compost in your garden – but not so great in your drainage system.  We scooped it out by hand and then ran a hose into the gutter above for several minutes to flush out the drains.


After removing the old gutter covers and cleaning out the gutters and downspouts and drains – it was time to install the new gutter guards.  However, this roof presented a special challenge.  It was a stell roof.  Normally the gutter guards installs under the shingle edge.  With no shingles, we did a custom installation.  This involved using a shear to cut the back edge of the gutter guard to just the right width.  Then we got creative and turned a piece of drip edge upside down and mounted it to the fascia.  This was a ton of work but the finished product looked amazing and worked really well.  We water tested it with a hose to make sure everything was functioning properly.

New Gutter Guards

Gutterglove Madison Gutter Guards

Madison Gutterglove

From the ground, the gutter guards were barely visible.  The old ones had been bulky and really showed the dirt and grime.  The new ones blended in nicely.  We took the time to wash the customers fascia(the area just below the gutter) for him so that everything looked good.

Clean looking gutter