Best gutter guard company

What is the best gutter guard company?  Here are 5 things to look for when researching and finally choosing a gutter guard company.

  1.  Locally owned.  Large companies that offer franchises are usually bloated from overhead costs.  The extra costs of advertising gets passed on to the homeowner.  TV and radio and even internet marketing costs a lot of money.  Would you rather be paying for marketing or paying for a high quality product and skilled installers.  Some of the large companies sub all of the installations out.  This means they can pay less but it also means that the skill of the installers is hit or miss.  Installers are also not as motivated to do high quality work.  Then if there is an issue-which there often is-it is difficult to get it resolved.  A locally owned company is going to be motivated to protect their reputation and do quality work.
  2. Durable product.  Look for a product that will stand up over time.  Lots of products look good online but how does the product look when you hold a sample.
  3. Google reviews.  Read the google reviews. Google reviews are harder to fake.  Some reviews from other sites are fake reviews.  Some companies that get paid to host a listing for a local gutter guard company will remove some of the bad reviews.  Don’t just look at the star rating.  Read the review to see specifics on the culture of the company and how they do business.  Are they reliable?  Do they do high quality work?  What if there is an issue-will they respond?  Google reviews help a customer to get some insight into the company.
  4. Experience.  How much experience does the salesman have?  Has he installed a lot of the product?  Many salesman have little to no experience with installing.  When this is the case there are much more likely to be issues when the installers show up.  How much experience do the installers have?  The more the better in most cases.
  5. Professional culture of the company.  Often installers show up that are not respectful of the homeowner or their home.  They may play loud music, use vulgar speech, throw cigarettes around and the like.  Ask about the installers.  This is another area where reading real reviews can help a lot.

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best gutter guard company

best gutter guard company